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tv   FOX 6 News at 6  FOX  September 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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pushed to mark the place a nuisance. even though the business closed down months ago, on tuesday attorneys from the city of milwaukee and the property's tenants and owner squared off in court to decide its future. the city is attempting to prove that drugs were manufactured, sold and distributed from the building--essentially arguing that it operated as a drug house. if it proves its case, the building will be seized and sold. "if the city proves its case my client loses the business inside the building and the property owner loses his property and al money." the defense is arguing that the illicit activities were a product of the neighborhood and conducted in the open parking lot -- not in the business itself. they also say that closing the business down has eliminated the nuisance. but some say the property won't thrive until it's controlled by someone else. "this property should not be in their hands they have proven over the past two decades that they can't take care of it it needs to be in someone else's hands for economic development or just something better as opposed to
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court records indicate there has been an offer to purchase the property. as a result, the court has suspended the hearing until december 12th. reporting in the newsroom, rachelle baillon fox6 news. mary thanks rachelle the milwaukee county sheriff's office has identified the vehicle that may have been involved in sunday's freeway shooting. a 2-month-old girl was injured when bullets pierced a car near i-43 and hampton. the suspect's car is believed to be a newer lincoln foor-door sedan, similar to this one. the windows are heavily tinted. the car was last seen exiting at hampton-- heading east. anyone with any information should call the sheriff's office. a developing situation in kenosha. police are investigating three bank robberies that happened in 35- minutes. they took place at: the chase bank on washington road, the chase bank on 6th avenue, and the johnson bank on 60th street. police believe it's the same
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a young man is dead after a shooting last night in brown deer-- it's not the first loss for his family. fox 6 has learned the troubled history of the victim's father. our myra sanchick is live at the scene with what we're uncovering. it all happened at this senior living complex behind me near fiftieth and bradley. family members tell me the young man killed last night was expecting his own son in just a short time. 21 was visiting his mother who lives in this senior citizen apartment complex. the mother tells me her son was gathering with some of his friends and that's when a 61 year old who lives in an apartment nearby shot her son in the abdomen. however, tragedy is not new to this family. mannix franklin's father, mannix franklin senior was in the news back in 2003 when he was shot and killed by police in milwaukee. at that time he was unarmed, but police believed he was reaching
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situation. brown deer police are not giving a motive. the 61 year old is in custody. live in brown deer myra sanchick fox6 news brad thanks myra murder investigation. police say -- they have somebody in custody. since the homicide happened earlier this month -- police were looking for a man they considered a "person of interest" in the death of christina shoe-ster schuster .the 34-year-old was found shot to death in her home. police say the suspect was arrested last friday in milwaukee. no charges have been filed yet -- as the waukesha county district attorney reviews the case. the states multi-million dollar
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morning. the program calls for job access sites which combine job search help...with people who can also answer questions about services like job training and food stamps. last month, governor scott walker announced the 2.5 million dollar investment following the riots near sherman park. the access centers will be open one day a week...for the next five weeks. it will move to a different location each week. lieutenant governor rebecca kleefisch was on hand to day to sell the plan... getting people jobs and the skills they need in order to stay employed will end up being thing we could do for this state budget as a whole. on top of that, when people have jobs, they pay taxes. while we were there, few people were actually using the job access center. the department of workforce development says it is hoping for a much bigger turnout next week. thats when the program will move to the parklawn assembly church near sherman park.
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authorities seized 26 dogs. "heather jensen" and "terry bogard" reportedly ran a rescue operation there. they face about 2-dozen charges -- after investigators found dogs living in small cages -- many stacked on top of each other. police say it smelled so bad-- some officers could only stay inside for a few seconds at a time. the seized dogs were taken away by the humane society. you can make a donation to wisconsin humane society to help care for those dogs. we have te or the fox6 news app. while you're there, take a closer look at pictures of the dogs. to the weather now... it's maybe the last thing we need -- more rain! the scattered showers -- popping up all throughout the day. what can we expect for tonight? weather expert tom wachs is in the weather center tonight with more. scattered showers expected this evening with the temperature
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track the weather anywhere. just download the fox six storm center appl. it's free for apple and android devices. step one was taken when the final cuts were made and josh sitton became expendable. now the packers are taking the next steps in regards to building their future on the offensive line. brandon once sitton was cut, it became clear that the packers were looking to their younger players when it comes to their future. one of those players is left tackle david bakhtiari, the 4th year players out of colorado. today, he and the packers agreed to a 4 year contract extension keeping him with the green and gold through 2020. it's also reportedly worth nearly $52 million. he was set to become a free agent after this season. bakhtiari and the packers will play in minnesota late sunday and that
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going at 11:05 where tim van vooren will be live from there with all of the post game reaction as he joins pip and me. back to you. ahead at six. is there a middle ground? "pokemon go" -- the talk of today's county parks budget hearing. both gamers and residents near lake park got to voice their concerns. why the county says -- it's trying to work with both sides. plus... "i was trying to keep michael morgan out." "why didn't you just lock the door" "because he had a key... " powerful testimony from a woman wh fire. why she says -- she tried
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come help me go back in, but we
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or fire?" sandie says: "too much smoke" emotional testimony today from the grandmother of two children killed in a house fire. michael morgan is accused of setting the fire last october. 10-year-old "kevin little" and 2-year-old cousin, "tae'najah morgan" both died.michael morgan's trial continues tomorrow. fed up with the fad. residents near milwaukee's lake park -- voicing their concerns today over the pokemon-go craze. many consider it one of the biggest hot spots in the midwest. pictures were distributed showing trash and destruction left behind, supposedly by game players. gamers claim it's not them though. the county has issued a letter to the game's developer -- in effort to create a means for responsible management, but still has not had a response. "i think we need a response. we could have a solution for the pokemon crew for neighbors. there's many things we could do to make the community whole, lets move them to veterans park lets have
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have bathrooms and parking facilities." a representative for the county executive ?agrees .. there should be a way to accommodate traditional park- goers.. and the poke-hunters. our way. tom wachs will be in next with the forecast. plus -- a big milestone for messmer! educating children -- for nearly a century. what the school is doing to keep its storied history going for many decades to come. the weather may be relatively warm out, but cold and snow are right around the corner. you can help kids who won't have a proper winter coat
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go through your closets and please donate any slightly used winter coats -- for kids and adults. head to for more details and a list of all our sponsor locations. thanks for helping us keep kids warm one coat at a time.
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today marked a milestone for messmer catholic schools... and it's a big one. the school system celebrates 90 years of educating students. new at six... fox6s carl deffenbaugh has more on the celebration... nine decades in the making. like the new tree planted outside the high school, messmer catholic schools have their roots planted "today, september 13th, 2016, is the 90th anniversary of the opening of messmer." since it started back in 1926, messmer has expanded into now three different schools serving almost 1,700 students from low-income families throughout the city. 'it actually has turned me into a new person. i literally have overcome obstacles and barriers because of messmer.' but it wasnt always easy. the school actually closed its doors briefly in the 1980s... which made tuesdays
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many children. and they are doing so well at formulating the education and moving on, that i cant feel prouder than i do right now.' 'i care about it a lot. and i know they care about it like really, so much, to actually save it and bring it back to help out all of us to get these great opportunities.' founders day was a chance to look back on messmers history, while keeping an eye on the future. milwaukee first and foremost is to confront what many of us in education know is a literacy crisis. and it is a crisis in milwaukee, theres no sugarcoating it.' a reminder of the work, and growth, still to come. carl deffenbaugh, fox6 news. messmer officials say they have an average daily attendance rate of 95% across all three ...of their
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weather scattered showers expected this evening with the temperature falling through the 60s and into the upper 50s. a few sprinkles are possible early wednesday then clouds
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gradually decrease as a high pressure moves in. temperatures will be much cooler in the upper 60s but we'll be back into the 70s by thursday. showers and
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again friday into saturday then we begin to dry out sunday. tonight: few rain showers. low: 59 dewpoint: 55 wind: n 5-10 mph wednesday:lingering showers then
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high: 68 dewpoint: 57 wind: ne 5-10 mph thursday: mostly sunny. am low: 54 high: 71 dewpoint: 56 wind: se 5-10 mph friday: mostly cloudy with a chance for thunderstorms. am low: 60 high: 73 dewpoint: 58 wind: cloudy with a chance for thunderstorms. am low: 63 high: 76 dewpoint: 62 wind: w 5-10 mph sunday: partly sunny. am low: 57 high: 72 dewpoint: 56 wind: nw 5-10 mph monday: mostly sunny. am low: 55 high: 75 dewpoint: 59 wind: sw 5-10 mph scattered showers expected this evening with the temperature falling through the 60s and into the upper 50s. a few sprinkles are possible early wednesday then clouds will gradually decrease as a high pressure moves in. temperatures will be much cooler in the upper 60s but we'll be back into the 70s by thursday. owers and a few t-stormspossibl owers. low: 59 wpoint: 55 wind: n 5-10 h wedne
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the packers make a move forward with the offensive line as they look towards the future. and as they get ready for minnesota, they'll have to worry about the running attack they'll face sunday night. coming up, how their first test against the run went. break break so, can i see you again... ...i'm free on black forest ham day. to help you remember life's important days. ...we got married in june... ...on tuna day. every day a different $3.50 six-inch sub every day of the week. every sub contains no artificial flavors. at just $3.50, it's a great sub at a great price. her name is teri... ...she was born on sweet onion chicken teriyaki day. the $3.50 sub of the day
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girl 2: yep! russ feingold: well, i raised my two girls right here, and they agree with you - and so do i. unfortunately, in wisconsin, a lot of women make less than men doing the same job. i'll work for equal pay for women, and for paid leave so parents can care for a sick family member. discrimination against any women is flat out wrong. what you think of that? girls: good call! feingold: i'm russ feingold
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of left tackle david bakhtiari today. now they'll look to lock down the other free agents among the front five. the defense passed its first test and now they'll have a bigger and, you could say, more important test ahead. they'll face minnesota sunday and the running of adrian peterson. he was held to just 31 yards in their win against tennessee. the packers also had an answer to the run in their win over jacksonville allowing only 48 yards on the ground, including 39 on 21 carries from their star t.j. yeldon. offensively, the packers biggest question was answered emphatically by jordy nelson as he was able to play for the 1st time in a game since the 2015 nfc championship loss to the seahawks. he caught 6 passes for 32 yards and a touchdown and showed no signs of
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when the packers play the vikings, the game will end late sunday night and that means the fox 6 sports blitz will also go on a bit late. we will get things going at 11:05 as tim van vooren will join pip and me live from minnesota bringing all of the post game reaction. on saturday, the badgers the badgers had no problem with akron as jazz peavy made quite a name for himself scoring 2 touchdowns while making 7 catches for 100 yards. as the badgers look ahead to georgia state, peavy credi that he and quarterback bart houston put in every day. and the voting is open for this week's high school blitz game of the week. the candidates this week are all big rivals, oak creek at franklin, new berlin
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allis hale. pip will feature the winning game friday night. you have until thursday night at 10 to vote on our website, fox 6 now dot com slash sports. but we finish the night with kevin harlan's call of a fan going onto the field during the 49ers-rams game last night.
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they say a lot of things about rain. (engine revs) like how hard it's gonna fall. (engine revs) the things it does to your parade. we've got a saying about rain, too:
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domestic. not domesticated. announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: so kanye west is faced does he let a guy climb up on stage or let him maybe fall to his death? >> the stage was like floating over the crowd and this fan jumps up on it and starts climbing on it. harvey: how do you get up that high? >> someone hoists him up. harvey: i would have to and stand on somebody's shoulder and get behind somebody. >> "south park" just went after kaepernick for kneeling during the national anthem. they changed the lyrics of it. >> no one is protesting police.
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>> the national anthem represents the country and the freedoms we have here. >> you guys are white explaining the hell out of all of this. >> even white people have the right to have an opinion. >> finally, someone's standing up for white people! >> finally after all of these years. >> nick cannon at l.a.x. recently he said he's never, ever getting married again. >> i don't like doing stuff i'm not good at. >> so he's dating chilli from tlc. >> that's fantastic. is he a scrub? [laughter] >> kind of is. >> the premiere of "da the stars." there was a scary incident. some stage crashers tried to get to ryan lochte. they were tackled, detained and then arrested. harvey: this is a dream for ryan lochte. >> there were four other people so the four are people are like we're not going to run up and only two did. they're all supposed to run up. harvey: they said we'll all do it together. one, two, three -- [laughter] [captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution]


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